Дорогая Елена Сергеевна

Драма о ценностях и человеческой морали, об эгоизме поколений, надломе между эпохами. 

Fri, 22 October - 19:00
150 - 500 руб. | 12+

"Зойкина квартира"

Главная героиня — Зоя Пельц — открывает в своей квартире пошивочную мастерскую для богатых нэпманш. Однако ее ателье — лишь искусная ширма.

Sat, 23 October - 18:00
150 - 500 руб. | 18+

концерт "Мелодии планеты"

Калининградский областной оркестр русских народных инструментов (художественный руководитель и дирижер Андрей Степаненко).
с программой "Мелодии планеты"

Wed, 27 October - 19:00
300 - руб. | 6+

Project activities


Cultural exchange - Russians in Ełk

A 5-day summer event for Polish and Russian youth. 20 young people from Elk and Sovetsk will participate in photography and theatre
workshops, and other attractions: e.g. rope park, cycling, improgames. The workshops will take place in the premises of ECC Culture Education Department, including the renovated basement. After the event a post-workshop exhibition will be opened in the basement gallery, presenting the participants’ works created during the workshops. English will be the workshops language.
The participants will be 10 young people from Elk and 10 from Sovetsk, and 2 carers. The stay will be an opportunity for them to get to know each other, face and fight stereotypes, have fun together and develop their inner artists.
All participants will be offered accommodation and meals in an attractively located hotel/guesthouse.

Culture / Nature / People

A 4-day cross-border cultural event presenting various aspects of Russian and Polish culture – theatre, music, film, cuisine and сultural offer for kids.
One theatre performance and 2 concerts (Russian and Polish artists) will be organized. In ECC cinema 3 Russian films will be presented.
Cooking performance and workshops (Russian cuisine) will take place at ECC, accompanied by a walk in nature in pursuit of ingredients for the workshops. At Elk promenade a kids zone will be organized – with reading Russian fairytales, Russian kids plays, street arts workshops (using natural materials), street theatres, etc.
In the event 500 people will take part. It will be an opportunity for residents of Elk and tourists to get a closer look at Russian culture and find similarities and differences between Russian and Polish culture.


Preservation and renewal of the cultural heritage "Tilsit-Theater"

As part of the activity, it is planned to carry out partial repair of the roof of the building, installation of drains and stormwater drainage in order to prevent flooding of the building and destruction of the facade. The works are designed for two years, because during the theater season it is possible to carry out only minor repairs. Purchases will be made during the season and work during the summer holidays.


Days of Polish culture in Sovetsk

The activity is aimed at preserving and promoting the culture and cultural traditions of the border region and the city of Sovetsk. This week will be presented the culture of Poland in the form of exhibitions, films, performances, presentation of books. The week will be prepared with the assistance of Lead Beneficiary. During the week, more than 500 residents of Sovetsk will be able to get acquainted with different aspects of the culture of Poland, to communicate with artists and artists, to see exhibitions. B1 is responsible for the implementation of the action with the support of Lead Beneficiary, which will select creative participants from Poland. 


Youth camp "Russian Traditions" in Kaliningrad region

At least 100 young people from Russia and Poland will take part in the camp. The camp will be held on the rented territory of the health camp in Svetlogorsk or in the village of Bolshoe Selo. Within the framework of the camp, there will be a revival of Russian folk traditions, acquaintance with the preserved traditions in the regions, exchange of modern traditions of inhabitants of Russia,  acquaintance of young people with each other, as well as guests will get acquainted with the Amber region, as one of the new in Russian history region. Each day will be dedicated to studying, preserving and reproducing one or two areas of Russian folk culture and traditions, and also sports and entertainment. The participants will be offered meals provided by a commercial enterprise, but the menu will consist of dishes of Russian folk culture, which will also introduce the participants to the culture.


Term of implementation: 01.01.2020 г. – 31.12.2021 г.
Total budget of project: 31 539 228,9 RUB (444 115,90 €)
EU and Russian co-financing: 28 379 00 RUB (399 704,31 €) (90%)

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